How to use Google Search Console and Rank your Post or website on google ?

Use Google Search Console and Rank your website on google.

Today we will learn about Google Search Console Tools in Technology Updates. Today in this post we will learn what is Google Search Console and how important it is for our blog or website. In order to bring any website URL address or post to Google search result submitting that post to Google search console. So that your post appears in Google search result.


How to add your website or blog in google search console?

Submit Site in Google Search Console
Submit Site in Google Search Console

First of all, you have to go to the Google Search Console website, by visiting it you can log in with your Google account, after logging into Google Search Console, you will get the option of Add Property. Click On add new property option and enter the URL address of your website and submit it this will add your website to the Google Search Console tool.


Google Search Console Features

1. Overview:- In this, your website will perform a regular performance to show how many web search clicks on your website has received and how many pages on your site are valid and how many error in coverage.

Google Search Console Performance
Google Search Console Performance

2. Performance In this, we will get information about how our site is performing and how many Google search results are being posted on our website and how many clicks are coming on our website.

3.URL inspection- This is a very important tool for submitting a new URL address in Google Search Console. This tool is used to show any new post or page in Google. Submitting the URL address of a new post or page to the URL inspection tool will show a link to that post in the Google search result.

Google Search Console Coverage
Google Search Console Covage

4.Coverage-   Coverage Report

  • Error- Red error shows the pages are not index.
  • Valid With Warnings- (Yellow) Pages are indexed but have some warnings like blocked by robots.txt.
  • Valid- (Green) Valid all good pages report are shown here. 

5. Sitemap- You can generate sitemaps of a website or blog online. And then you can submit a sitemap by clicking on a sitemap in the Google search console. So that all the links and posts to your website will be automatically added to Google Search Console in a few days and those posts will start appearing in Google search results.

Google Search Console Removals
Google Search Console Removals

6. Removals- This tool is used to remove the address you have submitted to Google Search Console, such as if you want a post on your website not to appear in a Google search result. Or it may be that you have deleted a post from your website and that The URL address is showing in Google search result. Users are not getting the page by clicking on it. And URL not found error shows happening. Then submit that URL in your removals. Then it will not show in Google search results.

The very important feature of Google search console is also a report, by viewing any data, you can put through printers of reports in it, so that you can analyze your website whether your website is in the last week last days or the last few months. How much traffic, how much impressions and clicks are coming, you will get the information through the report and the URL address in the coverage is your valid scholar who can generate reports of information about those who down your side ranking and these errors can be Solve and make your site safe and run

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