How to Check Free Spam Score and Reduce Spam Score of website ?

What is the spam score?

Today in Technology Updates we will know what is Spam Score. How Spam Score affects your website. As we all go to different websites to rank our website and create backlinks of our website, by using online backlink generator tools, we auto-generate a lot of backlinks to our website. These free tools generate bad backlinks. Which reduces the ranking of your website. So we should never create backlinks to our website through bed backlinks or auto-generated tools. These backlinks increase the Spam score of your website.

How to Website check the Spam score?

free spam score check

1.To check the Spam score you must log in to first.

2. Then click on the spam score on the left by clicking the Free SCO Tools button.

Spam score checker Free Tool

3. Next you will enter the URL address of your website in the root domain and click on the Analyze button.

4. Then in the Analyze report you will get a spam score of your website.

You can check your website's spam score for free by visiting If the percentage of spam score is high due to the backlink of your website, then it can cause a lot of damage to your website. To reduce this, you have to go to and check your website's spam score. By generating its report in Excel File, you copy and paste the URL of those websites that are increasing your spam score into a notepad file and upload the text file in Google Search Console Disavow Tools Spam score can be reduced.

How to use Google Disavow Tool?

Google Disavow Tool

1. First you have to open the page of Google Search Console Disavow Tools
2. Then click the Notepad file of the bad backlinks list on the Disavow Links.

3. Then click on the choose file button and upload the file.

4. Then click the submit button.

5. Click Done Button.

These links will be gradually removed in Google and the backlinks you are getting on these links from your website will be reduced, due to which the space of your website will start to decrease gradually and your website will be safe.

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