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Add Website in Bing Webmaster Tools and rank post in Bing

What is the Bing webmaster tool?

Bing Webmaster Tool
Bing Webmaster Tool

Welcome to the technologyupdates.Hello, Friends Our topic today is Bing Webmaster Tools. In today's post, we will learn how to use Bing webmaster tools. 
How can we submit our website and post to the Bing search engine and show the post in the search result?

Bing webmaster tool is an SCO Tool just like a (Google Search Console) With the help of this tool, we can index, crawl our website in the Bing search engine. You can check and analyze the website's search performance.

You can easily check the website backlinks. And you can also research your keywords in the Bing webmaster tool. Many more help full features have been given free to the user in the Bing webmaster tool.

How to Add Website in Bing Webmaster Tools?

You can easily add your website to Bing Webmaster Tools by following these steps.

1.Open Bing Webmaster Tools Click here.

2.Left top side click add or site option.

You have two options to add a website in the Bing webmaster tool.

3.First  if you have submitted the website in Google Search Console, then you can import your sites from GSC.

4.Second option you can directly add your website by entering the URL of your website

You can also add multiple websites to it.
If you get your website imported from Google search console then this is auto verified. If you are adding your website by adding this URL address in the manual in the second option, then you will get a verification HTML tag. You can copy and paste the HTML meta tag in the <head>, and then later by clicking the Verify button in the Bing webmaster tool, you can verify your website.

Bing Webmaster Tools Features?

Home:- In this, we get reports of total clicks on search performance and submit URL.
Search Performance:--  In this option, we have shown the total clicks on our website, how many total impressions are shown, and what their average CTR average putty position is.
 In this option, we also get the details about the impression of our keywords. We are getting a website and which of these keywords are showing many impressions of our website and whose clicks are coming on whose word, we get details of all these in search performance.

Sitemap:- How many URLs have been searched on our website and how many URL errors and warnings are there with our website.

URL submission:-In this option we submit the URL of the new post so that the result of the post is with the Bing search engine.

Backlink:-In this option, we can check the total referring domain and quality backlink and anchor text on our website.

Keyword research:- This is a very useful and free tool, with the help of this tool we can find ranking keywords and we can work on those keywords to get the website ranked.
In this, we can also check that in which country and in which language in the world, which more keyword is being searched. This is a very special feature in SCO.

The webmaster has many more features such as SCO Reports, website scan, and configuration report, and you can check the URL crawl control and able to check report block URL and many more things.

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