What is Domain Name ? How to add custom domain name in blogger ?

What is Domain Name?

Welcome to TechnologyUpdates.In this topic, today we are going to talk about domain names.

Today, in this post, we will learn what is a domain name and how we connect the custom domain names with our blogger. The last name of the website which has the extension (.in, .com, .org, .xyz) more is called the domain name. Our website name is TechnologyUpdates and the last one of this name is a .in domain.

In this way, many other domain names are available that you can associate with your blogger. There are many domain names such as .com, .in, .org, .xyz, .online, .world, .link, .live and many more.

How to buy a domain name?

You can buy a domain from any website like godaddy.com and hostinger.com

How to buy a domain name from hostinger?

To purchase a domain from Hostinger, you must first go to hostinger.com. In this you can signup through Facebook or Google, after signup, you have to click on the domain option and click on the Check domains button.

Buy Domain Name From Hostinger
Buy Domain Name From Hostinger

After clicking on the domain checker option, a search box will open in front of you, in this search box you will search the website name, then you will see the available domain in the result according to the name of the website. And you can also buy the domain in these available domains.

How to buy a domain from godaddy.com?

Buy Domain Name From GoDaddy
Buy Domain Name From GoDaddy

First of all, you have to go to that godaddy.com on this website you can search and select the domain name. If the domain name is available, you can buy it. 

How to connect the custom domain name to Blogger?

If you want to connect Domain to your Blogger.

So first you have to click on Settings in Blogger Dashboard Then click on the custom domain in the publishing option and fill the domain name in the text box.

Add Custom Domain

On Entering the domain name for the first time you will get two verification codes and you copy these codes you will go to DNS ZONE in hostinger and paste it.

DNS Zone code verification steps.

First, you have to click on the view domain in Hostinger.com then click on manage domain then click on DNS ZONE.

in DNS Zone you will see CNAME(Alias) and click on add new button.



Next step paste the first column code in HOST and second column code in  POINTS TO then click the save button. and do the same for the second row.

Then click on the blogger custom domain save button.

This will verify your domain, it will redirect your blogger to this new domain name in a few minutes.

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