Different Types of Electronic Display screens are use in mobile, computer and other devices.

Welcome to the Technologyupdates.Today in this post, we will know which of the different types of display screens are used in the world. Different types of displays are used in different types of devices and for different purposes. Such as Mobile devices, Computer Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, PSP Games, Television, Advertising board, Smartwatch, etc.

Different Types of  Electronic Display Screens

1.LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

2.TFT-LCD- THIN Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display

3.IPS-LCD-  In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display

4.LED- Light Emitting Diodes

5.AMOLED- Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode Display

6.OLED- Organic Light Emitting Diode

Different Types of Displays

1.LCD DISPLAY :-  LCD full form (Liquid Crystal Display) This is a flat panel display screen that is normally used in Mobile Devices, Computer Monitor, LCD TV, Laptops, Tablets. This display is cheaper than the rest of the display. It's color quality is normal, this display does not support high resolution.

2.TFT-LCD:- TFT-LCD full form (THIN Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) This TFT-LCD display shows full RGB color. These displays are commonly used in mobile phone and computer monitor screen.

3.IPS LCD:- IPS-LCD full form (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display) This is one such upgrade version of the LCD Display. The color quality of IPS-LCD is much better than that of the LCD display and the price of these displays is also higher than the LCD display. IPS-LCD is used in maximum normal smartphones.

4.LED:- LED full form (Light Emitting Diodes) The LED display light is very bright. Nowadays these displays are mostly used in High-Resolution LED TV, HD Monitor Screen, or Advertisement Board. The color quality of the LED screen is very good. It is used in the best smartphones. Its price is more than LCD. And the picture quality of this is also very good.

5.AMOLED:- AMOLED full form (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode Display) This is also similar to LED. The color resolution of this is much better than that of a Normal LED. So this AMOLED screen provides High Definition Picture Quality. There is another version of this which is Super AMOLED. It has just arrived in the market and this Super AMOLED is used in higher-level high-resolution smartphones.

6.OLED:- OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) OLED Display is the display of the latest technology which is used in high-quality television or the latest hi-class smartphones. Such as Apple's iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or the use of OLED display in such high-cost accessories being done. The OLED display screen provides high resolution or flexibility. This is why it is used in high-end devices and gaming devices as well.

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