Fau-G Game Releasing and download status or Top 3 PUBG Alternative Games.

Fau-G (FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARDS) Mobile Game For Android and iOS

Fau-G (FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARDS) is also a battleground game which is going to be launched very soon. There is no information available about the releasing date yet and it is expected that the Fau-G game may be released in the October month last. 

The pubg game is now banned in India and hence the players are very much looking forward to this Fau-G game.

This Fau-G game is not currently available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Download. Officially, only one poster of this game has been shared on social media, so I suggest to the viewers that people should not install any fake apps from fake links until this Fau-G game is released officially.

Top 3 PUBG Alternative Games

Welcome to TechnologyUpdates.in Today we are going to talk about the top 3 Battleground games as you all know that the PUBG(Player Unknown Battle Ground) game is now banned in India, so today we will know about the top alternative games of Pubg game.

                                   1. Fortnite Game

Fortnite Game
Fortnite Game

1.Fortnite Game:- Fortnite This game is also a pubg-like battleground game. This game has some similar features like PUBG. This is also a multiplayer game, in this, you can also fight with your team members with enemies and in this game also you will get weapons of different different types and in this also a map is given like Pabg in which you will be at a different place. By landing, you can fight with your team from the enemy's team. The graphics of this game are very good and these games can be played on Android and ISO mobiles.

                                       2. Call of Duty Mobile Game

Call of Duty

2.Call of Duty:- Call of Duty is also a battle game like PUBG. In this also you can play solo and multiplayer, in this also you get many types of weapons for fighting like Pubg and in this also you can go to different houses and fight with your enemies.

Loot like weapon healing materials is also available in this game like Pubg. In the game, a map has been given in which you can find your teammates and your location. Call of Duty is also a very good battle royal game in which all the players are real as pubg. Many times, they also get boats, they do not come in it. In this game also the zone circle comes and you can drive the car and roam on its map.

                                      3. Free Fire Mobile Game

Free Fire

3.Free fire:- Free Fire is also a very popular game. In this game, a loot of weapons and healing material like Pubg game is also available. You can also play free fire games with solo and multi-player.

Multiple maps have also been given in the free fire game. In which different rounds can be played. In which you can find your teammates and your location. Free Fire is also a very good battleground game, in it all the players are real, in this game also the zone circle comes and you can drive around in the map of this game by driving a car.


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