What is Google Analytics?

How to use Google Analytics?

Welcome to Hello TechnologyUpdates.Today we will learn about Google Analytics.
In this post, we will know what is Google Analytics and how it helps us in analyzing the data of our website or blog.

First of all, you have to visit the official website of Google Analytics (click here), in this website you can sign up with a Google account.

On logging into Google Analytics, the above admin page will open.

1.You will enter the Account name and click next.

2.You will select the website and click on the Continue button.

How to use Google Analytics?
Google Analytics Account setup

3. On the Next page we will fill the Website Name, Next Website URL, we will fill the URL of the website and select your website category in the third Industry category column. next select Reporting Time Zone. 

How to use Google Analytics?
Google Analytics Property Details

We will click on the Create button. By doing this your website will be added to Google analytics.

4. Next you have to click on the tracking information button.

On this next page, you will find the tracking ID. Copy this ID and go to Blogger's Dashboard, go to Blogger Basic Settings, and in the Basic settings Find Google Analytics Property ID  and paste this id in the text box.

The website tracking code will be found in the track info option on the Google Analytics Admin page. The code that is in the Global Site Tag box. This code has to be copied and pasted into the <head> ............. </head> tag by clicking on Edit HTML in Blogger Themes.

By following these above steps, you will be able to add your website to Google Analytics.

Google analytics tools features.

Home:- In this, we get an audience overview of how many users are coming to our website and what is the bounce rate of our website and the duration of the user session.

Customization:- In this, we can create a customized dashboard and in it, we can generate a report for website analysis.

Reports are the main features of Google analytics.

How to use Google Analytics Features?

1. Real-time:- In this overview, we get information on how many user right now is active on our website and which page they are reading.

2. Location:- In this, we get the information from which country visitors are coming to our website.

3. Traffic:-In this we get to know how many visitors are coming directly to our website and how many are coming from our social media links and what is the traffic source of the visitor.

There are a lot of features in which we can collect information about the audience, which contact the audience is more liked on our website and which location is getting more page views and which content should be searched more. We can check all this.

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