How to Change and Customize the Blogger theme ?

Apply Third-Party Themes Change and Customize the Blogger theme?

Change and Customize the Blogger theme

The blogger dashboard has a theme option on the left side. Clicking on the button of this theme will open the page of Themes Settings This page will show the preview of your website.

Select Free Blogger Templates.

Change and Customize the Blogger theme

There are a lot of templates from the blogger below in the themes section, we can use this template for free. You can design your blog by using these free themes.

If you click above any theme, you will have three option shows.

1. Preview- By clicking on the first preview option, you can see how your website will show in that theme and check how the theme's settings and gadgets are set and how they look.
If you find that theme perfect for your Blog, then you can customize it and apply it to your blog.

2. Customize-In Customize, you can edit color background images of selected themes and some font styles and gadgets in advance.

3. Apply-In Apply, you can publish that theme on your blog and publish it publicly.

Before applying any theme, one thing must be kept in mind that you back up your current theme so that if you have any problem in using a new theme, then you can restore your old theme back again.

Change and Customize the Blogger theme

Backup and Restore

The backup and restore button is given at the top whenever you want to change the theme of your blogger. So you have set your old theme first. Backup it and apply it by customizing the new theme.

Switch To First Generation Classic theme

By clicking on the Switch To First Generation Classic theme, you will go to the previous old section of Blogger, where you can manage your full theme with HTML code editing.


In edit HTML you can modify your theme with HTML code. These are very important and useful features. To verify an account from any meta tags on Blogger, we paste the code in the <head> tag in HTML such as Google Analytics code, Google Search Console, Google AdSense account verification on the example.
We can manage many advanced features and add new features with the help of the code, and can also design the website.

Mobile Settings

Change and Customize the Blogger theme

In mobile settings, how do you want to show your website on mobile? You can set this by selecting the Mobile and Desktop option.

If you select the mobile option then you can use a basic theme and that theme will be shown on mobile.

And if you select the desktop, then the desktop view of your current theme will open on the mobile.


Change and Customize the Blogger theme

Layout options depend on your theme. You will get customization features in the layout according to the function of the theme you use.

For example, in the layout, you can change your theme's header, logo, Name, social media icons & links, link list, header menu, main post design, sidebar, footer design, and more.

Download best AMP Blogger themes

Apply Third-Party Themes

On Blogger, if you want to apply a third party theme to your blog, then you have to click on the Edit HTML button.
After that, open the XML file of the theme that you have downloaded and copy the entire HTML code. And by clicking on your blogger's HTML editor, you have to remove the code of the old theme by pasting the downloaded themed code and save it here.
With this, you will be able to apply the third party theme in the blog and after applying the theme you can go to the layout section and set your theme's gadgets.
Be sure to back up the old theme before changing the theme.

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