How to get media net approval new or re-apply your website on

In today's post, we will know how you can apply to monetize your website in

To apply in, first, you have to go to the official website of (click here). Signing up on this website is very easy.

This above page will open in front of you. 

1. In the first box on this page, you have to enter the URL address of your website.

2. In the second box, fill your email ID.

3. In the third box select your country of residence.

4.Then you have to check the terms and conditions and click on the sign-up button.

Just by following these steps, your website will be applied for monetization in The team members of will check your website and if your website is ready for advertisement, then you will soon get an e-mail from the website Monetization Approved from

If your website has a problem. For example, your website is currently under maintenance, program guidelines. Or website is not following the guidelines of, then you will get a response in the email in 2 days. Which would have given the reason why your website has been rejected. 

If for some reason your website is not approved, you can update your website and make corrections on your website and you can resubmit your website for review in

How to re-apply your website on

When we submit the website again in, many users get the message of this site URL already exists. In this case, you can message over email.

reapply on

If you also want to re-apply to your website in Then you will have to email the team of at this email address

On email, your website will again go to the team of for review and after the review, your website will be approved or disproved.


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