what is a blog? How to start a blog in 2021 free?

What is this blogging?

First, we will know what is blogging. Blogging is a platform in which we can create a blog and website. On this blog and website, we can share any type of information, data on your blog. Like on this website, we share information with people by writing text articles explaining by using images and videos.

For example, if we want to get information about anything, we search it on the Internet. And go to a website and go to the blog and collect that information. In this way, we will now create our website and share the information with ourselves to others. To create a blog we must first have a Google account.

We can create a Google account very easily. To create a Google account, first of all, we have to go to www.google.com. Then we have to click on the sign-in button.

1. Click on Create New Account.

2. In these boxes, fill your first name and last name.

Create Google Account
Create Google Account

3. Enter the login ID you want to keep. And fill in the next password.

4. You can then create a Google account by clicking on the Next button.

How to create a blog?

After creating a Google account, we will sign on Blogger's official website (Click here).

On this website, you can log in with the Google account. After logging in, you have to click on Create New Blog. 

Create New Blog
Create New Blog

Setup your blog Name and Address.

In this title box, you have to fill in the name of your blog, and in the address box you have to fill in the URL address of your blog. Just like the name of this website, we have filled it in the title Technology updates.

The URL address of the website should be unique only when the address is available. You can check the availability of the URL address by typing the different default URL address. Typing the URL address which will be available, the correct tick will be shown on the right side of the address bar. You can use that address for the address of your blog.

You have to choose any template and click on Create blog! and your blog will be created.

Then you will be entered in Blogger's Dashboard, in this, you can view your blog website by clicking on the View Blog option.

What happens in the Blogger Dashboard and how to use it?

In Blogger Dashboard, there is a new post option at the top left, on this click, we publish the article in Bolg.

1.Post:- All posts, published posts, draft posts, and scheduled posts are visible in it.

2.Stats:-It shows how many page views are coming in your blog and how many page views came in this month in the last month. And how many views are coming in which post?

3.Comments:-In this, if your post is commented on by the viewer, it is a comment show.

4.Earnings:-Earnings provides details of your blog earnings by Google Adsense.

5.Pages:-It shows how many pages are published on your blog and how many pages are in draft.

6.Layout:-In this you can design your theme and setup the sidebar, header, and footer area of your blog.

7.Themes:-In the theme option, you can change the full theme of the blog and edit the theme using HTML coding and manage the mobile or desktop view.

How to Customize and apply Free themes on blogger?

8.Settings:-In this, you can customize the name, language, URL, crawlers, time format, etc. of your blog.

Many more advance useful options have been given in Blogger Settings. How to use these options and features. We learned this in the next post and these settings are very useful in ranking the blog.

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