How to add Amazon Affiliate Products on your Website?

How to add Amazon Affiliate Products on your Website? 

Hello friends, in this topic today, we will learn how we will now put Amazon affiliate account products on our website.

How to create an Amazon account, we knew in the previous post. If you did not read that post, then by clicking on this link, you first read that post and create your Amazon Associate Account.

How to create an Amazon Associates account to earn money online?

When we login into the Amazon Associate account, the home page will open. On this home page, we have to click on the option to take the product link. After clicking on the product link, you have to search for the product of any category which you want to add to your website.

Search Amazon Affiliate Products

Link to Best Selling Products by Category

When you select a product, you will get a link to that product in HTML code.

In it you select the text and image, text only, image only, any link that you want to put on your website, and copy the HTML code that will be found in the third position.

You can set the product type and which one to apply according to your website. Whether you want to place an image alone, text with the image, or just text link.

By selecting this, you have to copy the HTML code. After copying the HTML, you have to click on the layout section in your blog. and you have to set the tool of HTML/JavaScript  In the area where you want to show your product by clicking on the Add Widgets. Paste HTML code  in the Content textbox.

And click on the Save button. By clicking on the save button, you have to save the layout and when you view your blog or website, So the advertisement for that product will show in that area. Similarly, you can add Amazon's multiple products to your site. And similarly, you can apply amazon ads on your website.

 How to set Banner Ads on the website?

If you want to run Amazon's ad, then click on the banners on the second option in the product linking option, the page of banners end will open in front of you.

On this page, you will find the code of different sizes add. You can suck any size add in the header in the foot in the sidebar of the website.

And by copying its HTML code, just like before, go to Blogger's layout and set the widgets of HTML code and paste the code in the content and that will show your aids on your website.

By following these steps, you can place a link to any of the products and ads of Amazon affiliate on your website. Whereby the user will go shopping on Amazon's site through your link and purchase any product, if the customer has reached Amazon's page through your link then you will definitely get his commission.


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