What is a Domain Name? Different Types of Domain Name? TLD, ccTLD, gTLD....

Hello guys, today I am here for the bloggers who just start their online business or blogs. This article is very important for them. In my today’s article, I’ll tell you the importance of domain name in a blog. If you are just started your online business or made your own blog or website then you have to know that domain name is very important part for your blog or website. 

Now the first question comes up to your mind is what domain name is and how it can help for your website or blog. So today I describe the whole detail regarding domain name which is very useful for you. In my today’s article you will know that what is the domain name ? How to use it and also how many types are there of domain name ?

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name like:-TechnologyUpdates.in, this is an Internet address where people can find your website. Simply put, domain is the name and address of your blog or website, which we can visit our blog by searching in the browser URL.

In the above example "TechnologyUpdates" is a primary name and ".in" is a domain extension which also known as domain name. 


Domain Name Extension
Top Domain Names

Domain Name Extension

In the above example, there are two things in DNS. The first (TechnologyUpdates) is the name of the website, and the second (.in) is the Domain Name Extension. Thus .com, .in, .edu, .gov are the popular domain name extensions that are mostly use in different kind of websites.

How to get Domain Name ?

To start your online business or blog, you have to buy a domain name first. You can simply buy it from Google domain, Hostinger and GoDaddy etc. Before buying any domain name, you have to know the types of it. If you buy a domain name without getting information about it, then your money get wasted. I have also the solution of this problem in my article. I am trying to explain you briefly the types of domain name here. 

Types of Domain Name

There I can describe some important types of domain name. Usually, there are often used 5 types of domain name, but here I can describe the 6 types of domain name. The following are the types of Domain Name:-

1. TLD- Top Level Domain

2. ccTLD- Country Code  Top Level Domain

3. gTLD- Generic Top Level Domain

4. SLD- Second Level Domain

5. Third Level Domain

6. Premium Domain

These are also known as Domain Name Extensions. If you are running a website or blog, then domain name extensions are very important for you. For Example, .com for commercial websites, .gov for governmental websites, .edu for educational institutions, .in represents the country India for the website etc.  Now, I can describe these six types of Domain Name briefly.

1. TLD- Top Level Domain

Top Level Domain (TLD) is the very important or mostly used domain names. There is the first domain name that established. Goggle can pick these types of domains in a very easy or fast way. This comes after the primary name of your website or blog. There are some types of top level domains which are also very used like .in, .gov, .us, .edu etc. We can also discuss these types later in brief. Top Level Domains are often used by users.

For Examples: - (a) .com is a commercial website and is mostly used by the users like google.com, YouTube.com, whatsapp.com etc.

(b) .net is used for networking website like premium.net.in etc.

(c) .org is used only for the organizations like hrb.org etc.

2. ccTLD- Country Code  Top Level Domain

These are also the top level domains, but only used for represents the country. These are used by those websites which can do their business internationally. These extensions are represents the country in which the user is belonged. In simple words, these extensions represent that from which country your website belongs to.

For Example: - (a) .in is the extension represents India

(b) .us represents that your website belongs to the United States etc.

3. gTLD- Generic Top Level Domain

Generic Top Level Domains are also the type of Top Level Domains. These domains mostly used by the special organizations. It can also give you the privacy or security of your website. 

For Example: - (a) .gov is a government website and only government officials can use this domain. 

(b) .edu is domain which is only used by the educational or institutional websites. 

4. SLD- Second Level Domain

The Second Level Domain comes after the Top Level Domain. As I said earlier that there are many parts in a domain name. Thus, the second part of any URL or domain name known as Second Level Domain. In the URL of any website, there is not only Top Level Domain. Instead of TLD, the second level domains are also used. It mostly represents the international country. Sometimes it is also known as the primary name of the website.

For Example: - (a) ".co.in" In this ".in" is the Top Level Domain and .co is the Second Level Domain 

(b) In the URL www.google.co.in the .in is the Top Level Domain and the ".co" is Second Level Domain here. 

5. Third Level Domain

The Third Level Domain is the another part of the domain name. It is also known as Subdomain. It is the subdomain of the main domain, that’s why it is also called as Subdomain. Subdomain is totally free if you have the website or blog then Third Level Domain is free for you.

For Example: - (a) web.whatsapp.com as we know that .com is Top Level Domain and WhatsApp is Second Level Domain, thus the Web is the Third Level Domain.

6. Premium Domain

As we know that the domain name represents as numbers or having the IP Address which is not similar or matching with another. Thus, the domain name which you want to buy or set on your website sometimes you get to know that it is already taken by another person. These types of domains are known as Premium Domain. I can also describe that sometimes users can sold their domains for any reason. So if you want to get another person’s domain or simply called as Premium Domain then you can buy that domain by giving user the right price. So you can easily buy your domain from that user.

How to buy Domain Name ?

How to set custom Domain Name in Bogger ?

I wish that you can understand that what is Domain Name, working of it, how you can buy domain name and also its types very clearly. I am sure that my today’s article helps you a lot to you for the domain and may clear all your doubts regarding it.

What are the different types of Domain Name?
A Domain Name like:-"TechnologyUpdates.in"  In this "TechnologyUpdates" is a primary name and "in" domain.

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