Amazon Great Indian Festival sale and Flipkart The Big Billion Days sale live

What is Online Shopping and how to do?

Online Shopping simply consists of two words, ‘Online’ and ‘Shopping’. In other words, online shopping means do shopping through internet. When you went to a shop to buy things, then it’s called offline shopping. Online shopping gives you a lot of facilities which you cannot attain at offline shopping. Internet made our daily life very easy and give us a lot of opportunities to do a lot of things. Shopping is one of them facilities through internet. When you buy something through online, then it’s called an online shopping. There are a lot of apps on internet which helps us to shop online. You can buy a lot of things online starting from a needle to automatics or vehicles. 

You just have to sit at home and made an order in online app. Your order will be delivered to you at home also. Now today, I can tell you  how to do online shopping and the benefits of it. I wish that you like my article as well, and it helps you to understand online shopping.

Create an account 

First of all you have to made an account on any of the online shopping platform. To create an account you have to follow these steps:-

1. First, download any of the online shopping platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

2. For example, if you want to install Amazon app then after installation, go to ‘New to’ button.

3. Now a description option will open and you have to fill your personal information like name, phone number, e-mail I’d etc.

4. After filling the personal information set a password for your account so that no one can misuse it.

5. After set up the password verify your account by select the verify mobile number button.

6. A message would be sent to your mobile number as OTP. You have to fill it and then click on the Create your Amazon account.

7. Your account is made up and now you can buy anything through this app.

How to do Online Shopping ?

After made an account go to search option and search the product you want to buy. There are a lot of steps also to do online shopping. Like I also told you how to create an account and now I tell you how to do online shopping through online shopping platforms. Now there are some steps to do online shopping:-

Benefit of online shopping

A. Easy Check Product and Description

It has the best facility that easy check any product and about it’s feature also. When you don't like something in the shop, the shopkeepers get fed up with you. When you repeatedly ask to show all kinds of things to the shopkeeper, then they get irritated. Also, in one shop there are less amounts of products. But all these drawbacks overcomes in online shopping. There a lot of websites or platforms in which you got many different products with different colors and fabrics. 

You can search any product with the help of platform like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and gets all the features of that product also. For example, if you want to buy a t-shirt through Amazon then you have to search by the word ‘T-Shirts’ and various types will shown. You can select by the color and fabric. You can see a lot of colors/fabrics of one t-shirt will shown on the screen. Furthermore, you can choose one from them and buy through the card payment or digital payment. 

B. Rate Comparison

Product have different rates in different sites. If you are looking for leather shoes, then you can see the rates are different in different platforms. For Example, If you are looking for a headphone of Realme Company then you can see that the rates are different on Amazon than Flipkart or Snapdeal etc. Thus, you can use multiple platforms so that you can buy the product on your needs and with your budget.

C. Multiple Payment Methods

After selecting the product, next step is to pay for that. So if you going to pay for the product you are buying then you can get multiple ways or methods by which payment can be done. For Example, you can buy any product through online banking, UPI transfer, G-Pay, Phone pay, Credit/Debit card etc. After selecting the option, you can easily pay for the price of your product.

D. Home Delivery

The most important part of online shopping is you have no need to go somewhere to shop. You can sit at your home, office, hotel room etc. you can easily do the shopping. You just have to select the product, done the payment by any method and after that you have to fill the address where you want to deliver your product. Thus, simply your product can reach to you at the address you have filled.

E. Easy Return

When you go for a shopping in shopping malls, PVRs etc. there are sometimes conditions apply for not returning your product after you bought it. And if you want to return it then you have to fight with the shopkeeper or maybe the seller would cut some money from your payment at the time of returning. But with the online shopping if you do not like the product you get you can easily return to seller without any fight or payment cuttings.

F. Millions of Products

As I already said millions of categories of same product are available here. So you don’t have to worry about the color, fabrics etc. So there are a lot of products available on different platforms. You can easily select one from them and make your payment to buy the product.

Sales Discount Offer

You can get a lot of sales offer on online shopping platforms also. It is a strategy to attract more users to their platforms. It is similar to the sales offer of shopping malls. You can also get the discount on products also. The sales starts at some main occasions also like Diwali, new year, winter sale, summer sale etc. The seller add some products in their sale with some terms and conditions. Thus, online shopping also think about your budget and gives you can have exclusive offers to make you happy.

Cashback and Discounts

Many offers keep running in online shopping platforms. In this, you also get cashback and discounts. With some products you can get real cashback which is automatically adds in your accounts. On some products you can get discounts also of 30% off, 50% off etc. Through discount, you get the products at a lower rate than the original rate. Sometimes, if you are using your credit card then if you can get discount then the rest of the money will be automatically added to your bank account. 

Now as we can talk about the sales offer and cashback and discount. And also regarding online shopping platforms and its benefits. I also want to describe some upcoming sales on online shopping platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Amazon Great Indian Festival sale
Amazon Great Indian Festival sale and Flipkart The Big Billion Days sale live

(A). Upcoming sale on Amazon "Great India Festival Sale".

The upcoming sales on Amazon is ‘Great Indian Festival Sale. This sale starts because of coming festive season. Amazon launches the sale for festive season which starts from 3rd October 2021. In this grand sale you can get 10% instant discount on HDFC Bank credit card. There are also more options available by which you can get your product with your needs and within the budget also. So if you are Amazon user then you have to get the benefit of this upcoming sale and take full profit from it.

(B). Upcoming sales on Flipkart "The Big Billion Days".

Similarly, Flipkart also starts it’s grand sale ‘The Big Billion Days’. You can get a lot of discount on different products. This sale also starts from 3 of October. Now I can tell you that by which product you can get how much of discount. If you want to buy iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE then you get great discount. If you want to buy a laptop of intel processor through Flipkart the big billion days sale then you can get upto 40% of discount. On automatics like Fridge you can get upto 50% of discount. On Furnitures etc. you can get upto 85% of discount on different products. On television or smart TVs you can get upto 50% of discount. If you are Axis and ICICI bank user then you can also get 10%  of instant discount with the ICICI bank credit card. Not only this, you can get assured cashback from your payment through Paytm app. 

Now I can easily say that with the online shopping you can easily buy your favorite products with all your needs. Also, the special offers of different online shopping platforms makes it more easier to do online shopping. With these offers you can get more items at lesser prices.

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