Best OTT Apps For Watching Latest Movies and Web Series.

What are the OTT Apps ?

The apps which provide you the online videos, movies, web series, web shows etc. through internet are called as OTT apps. Full form of OTT is Over The Top. It simply means that the top web series, movies or videos are available on internet is simply browsing by these apps. The latest streaming videos are also available with subscription. In these apps you can see Full Movies videos, web series, web shows etc. with subscription or some free of cost. There apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney plus Hotstar, ZEE 5, Jio Cinema, Airtel xstream etc. are OTT Apps.

Benefits of OTT Apps.

  1. Subscription- In these apps the latest or interesting web series are available. But sometimes, its get locked and if you want to see the latest episodes of serial or latest movies and videos then you have to unlock it with paid subscription. After subscribing the app, you can see the prime videos or latest streaming or newly released movies and also upcoming episodes of serials that cannot be released on TV yet. You can also see the ads free episodes.
  2. Different Payment Methods- If you want to get subscription, then you have to pay to the app so that you can easily get right to see your favorite episodes or movies. There are many options through which you can get a subscription by paying. You can pay online from anywhere in the world. All you need is an existing online payment account. You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm, Google Pay, BHIM App and other payment methods. After getting the subscription, you can enjoy the entertainment by watching your favorite on streaming video or web series.
  3. Number of devices logged- In some apps, there is also an option of logging multiples devices. It means one person can get subscription and share it with another. User can simply share it by give his I’d to another person or just share the subscription link to them. By this, more people can get the right to see latest streaming videos with only one subscription. 
  4. Available for all contents- OTT Apps are the apps in which you can get all content. In these apps you can get movies, web series, web shows, serials, cartoons etc. Thus, these apps are used by every age of person maybe it’s a child, old person or a young one. 
  5. Different Subscription Options- In these apps there is also an option of different subscription. In simple words, if you want an ads free videos the payment may differ. If you want to see the best qualities of videos the payment may differ. If you want to see the videos on different display devices like connecting with your TV or LED payment may differ.  You can also get a subscription for a month or year in some apps. So, you have to get very clever while take a subscription so you might not regret after get it.

Now I will discuss with you about some types of OTT apps and their similarities and very popular.

OTT Apps Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, Amazon Prime,
OTT Apps Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, Amazon Prime,

How they differentiate with each other. I wish you can easily understand the following types of OTT Apps.

A.Amazon Prime Video

First of all, we can say that Amazon Prime Video is the most useable app or mostly liked by users. In this app there is a facility of available everything like movies (old or newly released), latest streaming videos, web series or shows. This app also supports 26 languages including English, Hindi, Spanish, and French etc. You can see videos in Free Prime videos or get subscription to get all latest steaming videos and latest movies. This also subscribe to some channels like Showtime, HBO etc. It works more better with the best internet speed. You can connect it with the other display devices also like TV, computer, LEDs etc. 

It has also the average data usage quality by which you can check or set the quality of videos or shows according to your data usage. After Netflix this is the second most popular OTT App nowadays. You can also get subscription for a month or year. This app also has the feature of 30 day free trial for the new users so that they can get to know about all the faculties of it. Amazon Prime Video supports some devices like android, Amazon Fire TV, iOS devices, Smart TVs etc.

Comparison with other OTT Apps

This app has better quality than Netflix for the same price of subscription. In Amazon, there are bulk of award winning movies and TV shows than Disney plus Hotstar. 


As I said earlier, that Netflix is the first and most popular app using by the users. In this app there is a lot of blockbuster movies (old or newly released), bestest streaming content, Hollywood web series or shows with the finest quality. This app supports more than 20 languages including English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Persian, Nepali etc. If you can download any video from this app then it has the best quality during offline also. It means the quality of downloaded video is also very wonderful if you are not longer connected to an internet. It has a wide range of streaming content than others. If you can connect it with TV, LEDs like other display devices then the quality of video cannot be as better as you want if you don’t have a fine internet connection. It means Netflix wants the best internet connection to work with it either on mobile or on large screen. If internet connection is poor or low then you must have to face hindrance during watching the video.

The faculty of unlimited films, TV shows, Web Series etc. is also available here. The quality of video is finest than other apps. It is the user’s first choice for online movies and latest streaming shows. Its account sharing program is also very useful. You can logged 4 devices on a moment without any disturbance with the premium subscription. It may differ with the subscription method you paid. There are a lot of plans like mobile plan, premium plan, standard plan, basic plan etc. With these plans you will decide the quality and data usage while watching videos. There is also a feature available for the free month trail so that you can get to know about all the features of it. It supports any device with Wi-Fi connection like Smart LEDs, PCs, smart phones, set-top boxes etc.

Comparison with other OTT Apps

I also mention earlier that Amazon is the best for subscription than Netflix, but the quality is also not good as Netflix. The quality of bulk of amazing and blockbuster movies in Netflix can beat every single app in the world. There is no comparison of Netflix in the best streaming content.

C.Disney+ Hotstar

Disney plus Hotstar is also the one of OTT app. It is mostly good for the children. There is the bestest movies from Disney, Marvel like are available. It is also best for the TV serials or shows. You can see news from this app to know whatever happens in world. There is also the faculty of live matches. You can watch the serial’s next episode before TV with the VIP subscription in Disney plus Hotstar. You can enjoy the latest episode before it coming on your TV. You can also watch the live matches on Disney plus Hotstar. It is mostly used for the TV serials, movies and web shows from Marvel and Disney. The short movies or series with least episodes or short episodes are also available here. You can see them in your less free time to relax your mind. It has also the feature of connected to other display devices. It supports PCs, Laptops, iOS, Android devices etc.

The resolution or quality of videos in this app is not as better as Netflix or Amazon but still it has HD quality. The quality also may differ with the subscription pack also. With the mobile plan only 1 person can watch video with the HD quality. If you get Super plan then you can share your screen with one more person or in another words, two persons can share the screen with the HD quality in Super pack. In Premium pack or plan which is the most costly pack of the app 4 persons can share screen with the 4K resolution. In this app there is also an addition of VIP plan. Through VIP Plan you can watch the live matches like cricket match, football match and the TV serials also but if you want to see the foreign content then you have to get the Premium one.

Comparison with other OTT Apps

It is good for the movies of Marvel and Disney but not much good for the other international movies. Netflix and Amazon are better than Disney plus Hotstar in the case of movies. But it is the mostly using app in India for TV serials or shows. It is also not having the best video quality than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

How do I get Subscription with recharge pack?

If you want to get subscription within your data recharge then there are a lot of options by which you can get Hotstar subscription for super plan, VIP or Premium plans. For the different plans the amount to pay may also differ. If you are Jio SIM user then you have a recharge plan with the hotstar subscription also. In other words, you can get the subscription for free with the sim rechcharge pack.



Zee5 is an OTT app which is often used by users to watch shows before a day telecast on TV. There are also available latest movies here. It is often known for great movies options. The short movies are also available here. This app supported more than 12 languages. Languages supported by Zee5 are Hindi, Malayalam, English, and Punjabi and so on. Regional shows are also available in this app. The faculty of best regional shows, movies etc. available in Zee5. Zee5 also supported/connected with digital devices like android, iOS, Smartphones, Smart TVs etc.

Zee5 has the faculty to download or watch free episode as well. There is no need to subscribe if you don’t want to. Also the quality of videos n shows are HD. Quality remains the same with the free episodes. There is not only entertainment also the faculty of daily ups and downs like news, live shows, matches, reality shows etc. Zee5 premium subscription is also very useful. You can get access for the unlimited videos with HD quality. Watch shows on other devices or multiple devices at one time. You can get old as well as latest content with the help of subscription and download them as well. You can get the subscription for a month or a year for the best quality and quantity of content.

Comparison with other OTT Apps

No doubt that Zee5 is the best app used in India but it also has the less content than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The quality of videos is also not same as both of them. But still it is liked by a lot of peoples. The content of this app can get free at Jio Cinema App if you are a Jio user. 

How do I get Subscription with recharge pack?

If you are airtel user then you get free subscription of Zee 5 app (with airtel Thanks offers). In simple words, you no need to subscribe Zee 5 app for watching the latest shows or episodes. You can get the plan in-built with the subscription of Zee 5 shows. It is very easy to get free subscription of Zee 5 shows. You just have to recharge a plan wisely and get the free subscription of the shows available on this app. Also the charges may differ for the different subscription. You can watch free episodes of Zee 5 app or airtel TV app only if you are an airtel postpaid user. 

E.Jio Cinema

Another OTT app is Jio Cinema which is mostly used by for the best content for movies, shows, animations, crime shows, sports etc. It supports more than 11 different languages. The content in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu are available here. It is very popular in kids because of its best animation, fantasy shows. You can get easily access of this app simply with your mobile number instead you are a jio user. 

The best feature of this app is you get the HD quality video with the lesser amount of data used. The feature of Parental Controls is very unique. With this feature parents get to know that what kind of content kids are seen in this app. You can get the monthly or yearly subscription as per your choice. 

Comparison with other OTT Apps

For this app you have to pay lesser money than Amazon Prime for a subscription. The quality of videos is not good as Amazon Prime. Jio Cinema is free for Jio users and has no additional charges like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney Plus Hotstar.

As I said earlier that there is no additional charges for Jio users. 

F. Airtel xstream

You can call Airtel xstream as smart TV rather as an app. As it can clear from the first line that this app is also a DTH Television Box. Thus, the qualities of an online apps or TV are available here. You can watch online shows, movies and live content via different OTT apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney Plus Hotstar etc. It also has the faculty of stream various OTT apps on your TV screen. It also has the in-built feature of chrome so the user can search anything on Google. 

It also has the faculty of online games. Kids or youngsters who loved the video games are mostly used this app for online gaming. If you are saying that this is a version of Airtel TV then you are not wrong. The channels like different News Channels, Sports Channels, Movie Channels, Music Channels, and Devotional Channels etc. are available in it. It supports more than 14 languages like English, Hindi, Kannad, Tamil etc. 

Comparison with other OTT Apps

As I said earlier that this is a smart TV. The OTT apps like Disney Plus Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are easily download in it and you can get access to watch content related to these apps on your TV. 

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