Use CRED application and get Cashback?

How to use CRED application?

Use cred app and save your money

The CRED app is very easy to use. First of all, download this application from Google Play Store for Android phone. And  iOS users download this app from Appstore. You can also download this app through this link. Click Here

Firstly, you have to make an account in CRED app. After download the CRED app follow these steps to make an account in this app : -

1.            Open the CRED app and enter your name and Indian mobile number.

2.            You will get an OTP on your given mobile number. Fill the OTP in shown box.

3.            The CRED app firstly check your credit score. If you have the credit score more than 750 then you are eligible for the use of this app. But if your credit score are less than 750 then you will be automatically add in the waitlist.

4.            After checking your credit score if you are eligible for this app, CRED will open.

5.            Now you can add your credit card/multiple credit cards attached with the given mobile number in CRED app.

6.            Now you have to verify your card details.

7.            If your card/cards get verified, then CRED app will deposit 1 rupee in your credit card through UPI or another option for his verification too.

8.            After verification in CRED app, now you will pay all your payments by ‘pay your credit card bills’ option.

9.            After make a payment, you will get cred coins as your reward. You can use these coins for further payments or change these coins into real cash with ‘Kill the Bill’ option available in CRED app.


How to make a payment through CRED app ?

If you want to make a payment through CRED app or want to pay your bill through this app then these following steps will be very helpful for you : -

1.            Firstly open CRED app and log in to your account. Under ‘cards’ option, choose card or cards by which you want to make a payment.

2.            The complete detail of your credit card bill shown on screen. Click on ‘Pay Now’ button.

3.            Enter the amount which you want to pay for the credit card bill.

4.            After following these steps next step is make a payment step. Now you have to choose any payment method from the options shown below : -


(a)          If you want to make a payment through UPI method, you have to link your UPI account with the app and after that you can also verify it. After verification, you can pay the payment of the given bill.

(b)          If you are wanted to make a payment through debit card option, then add all the card details on sections shown on screen. After verification of your card, you can make a payment through it.

(c)           Another option is NetBanking. If you choose this option, then firstly you have to login your internet banking account with the app. After connecting directly with your bank account, you can pay the credit card bill easily.


5.            After making a payment through any method shown above, you can get a transaction ID. CRED app also show the complete detail of your transaction.

6.            The completion of the whole process takes upto 2 working days for releasing the money depends upon your payment method.


How useful to us ?

From the above article now you can easily understand that what is CRED and how it works and how to make a payment through it. CRED app is an Indian app which helps you to make a payment for your credit card bill or through credit cards. It is very important and useful for those persons which have multiple cards. This app makes an easy to the users for pay the bills through the multiple cards.

At last, I can say that this app is very useful and easy to understand. If you want to get every detail of your credit card bills then CRED app is the important app for you.

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