What is Cred app and how it is useful for earn, save your money and time ?

Cred app and how it is useful for earn, save your money
earn and save money using cred
CRED is an application using which credit card payments are made easily. In simple words, CRED is an app from which we get information about our expenditure through our credit card. It helps us to pay credit card bills very easily and on time. If we buy a product through credit card then CRED helps us to maintain budget or gives us details about our credit card. If a user has multiple credit cards, then this app is very useful for them. It also helps the user to maintain every detail of the credit card bills.


What is Cred?  

CRED is an Indian online app used to make payments and receive your credit card related records. In this app you can easily access your progress in credit card payments as well as data records related to your credit card bills. This app first checks your credit score. You can get access to use this app if your credit score is above 750. Download app Click Here

What is Credit Score?

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, credit score is the key to use the CRED app. Now I can tell you that what is credit score. Credit Score is a score awarded to you which is based on your credit card payments. In simple words, if you make payment of your credit cards timely, then you will increase credit scores. These scores depend upon your credit card payments. If your credit card score is above than 750 then you are able to use CRED app, otherwise you are automatically sent to the waitlist.


                                                 Features of CRED app

There are a lot of features of CRED app. But the main and most useful feature in CRED is that it has the ability to manage your all credit cards. Instead of this there are also many features in CRED app.

earn and save money using cred

1.            Easy To Use

This app is very easy to use. If you want to make an account in CRED app then you just have to fill your name and a mobile number which is connected to your bank account. Mobile number will help this app to get all the information regarding your done payment and due payments also. The given mobile number should be connected to your bank account so that CRED easily update your account and gave you information about your credit card bills and credit card balance also.

2.            Multiple Cards Use

Some businessmen or persons which have multiple credit cards can use this app because it is easy to manage multiple credit cards with the help of this app.  if you have more than one credit card, then this app will help you to maintain it. When the time of any payment that you have to pay by your credit card, you will get notify in advance.

So if you have the multiple cards, thus means you have many payments or have credit card bills to pay. CRED helps you to maintain your payment timing and notify you in advance so that you can easily even if you have multiple cards also. Thus, this app is very useful for the multiple credit cards users.

3.            Upcoming payment Reminder

 In the busy schedule of your life many times you will forget about your payments. Due to this you have to face many problems like losing your credit score, increasing the interest in your bills etc. CRED app helps you to maintain your credit score by notify you in advance regarding your any upcoming payment.

Some online apps don’t have this type of feature that’s why you will have to face many problems due to this. But in the CRED app this problem will solve very easily. CRED app has the ability or feature to notify you in advance for your upcoming bill payment related to that credit card. After get notification you can easily pay your upcoming bills and you don’t have to face any problems regarding your payments or credit card bills.


4.            Rewards

When you make payment through CRED app you will get some rewards. These rewards are in the form of cred coins. When you can do an online shopping then these cred coins helps you to buy the product in less rate or with some benefits or offers. Using cred coins you can also get many different offers and deals with the other companies and online apps. These rewards also helps you to get discount on online shopping, making payment, booking a ticket for travel or movie etc.


5.            Kill the Bill option

The another interesting and important feature in CRED app is ‘Kill the Bill’ option. This feature helps you to change your cred coins into real money. If you don’t want any exclusive deals or offers with the help of cred coins then you can change your coins with the money. Your real money is automatically transferred into your credit card after your redeem your cred coins or points. If you have 1000 cred coins then you can get 5 to 10 rupees aprox. for that.


6.            Report

In CRED app the another important and very useful feature is you can get the complete report of your credit card payments. In this Report you can get easily access to your bank account details. The upcoming payments, credit card bills, multiple cards, complete payments, bank account details, money transfer etc. are the important things comes under this option.

Sometimes when after your payment is done bank or the company with which you can make deal deduct some money from your bank account for security or different purposes. Through CRED app you will get notify for the deducting money also. CRED app gives you every detail of your single penny in your bank account which is related to that credit card connected with this app. So, you can get each and every information regarding your money very easily.


7.          Information about Unexpected Fee

As I said earlier that CRED app has the feature by which you can easily access your bank account and also get details about your money. Sometimes bank can deduct some money after your payment is done or when you are dealing with any company in the name of security or charges. When bank deduct money from account then you will get notify by CRED app. Another apps are not give information about these types of charges of unexpected fee by bank.

So a user can also has the right of maintain and get details about its each and every single penny of his hardship. Thus, in simple words CRED app gives every detail of your money in bank account which is related to the credit card attached to the account in this app.


8.            Different payment methods

You have multiple payment methods. You can make your payment via different bank UPI, CRED UPI and Net banking through the CRED app.

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